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The Model Mag is an iconic and venerated magazine, encompassing the global industry happenings diligently without any bias.

The core idea behind Model Mag Industrial magazine is to give voice to the concerns of Marketers, Industrial Community, Multinational Corporations, Manufacturers, Exporters, Stock Exchanges, Government Departments, Trade Bodies, FPCCI, and Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Pakistan, Europe, USA, Central Asia, Middle East, Australian and New Zealand. The Model Mag Founded and first appeared … …





Middle East

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Modelmag, Best industrial magazine in Pakistan:

Modelmag is an industrial Magazine whose main idea is to highlight the problems of different industries in Pakistan, not only the problems but their solutions also. They aim to focus on the concerns of Marketers, the Industrial Community, Multinational Corporations, and Manufacturers. It is one of the best industrial magazines in Pakistan.

We want to bring you unique tales about actual human beings and the problems they face in their daily lives. We are experts in business and economic reporting. We do so with the belief that government can only positively influence people’s lives if they are aware of their options. As a result, our goal is to use our powers of observation to unearth information in global industry sectors, then focus on and produce an honest analysis, feature, and articles that will influence governments and decision-makers to take necessary steps to improve the industrial environment for all investors.

Topics of discussion in the Best Industrial Magazine of Pakistan:

In Modelmag, we have many hot topics to talk about. This magazine is purely for industrial purposes, so it has significant matters related to the industries. Following is the list of issues we want to discuss in this magazine.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Informational technology
  • Environment
  • Innovation
  • Tourism
  • Leadership/business
  • Health
  • Happiness in business ethics
  • Technical skills
  • Real estate
  • Lifestyle, trends, fashion
  • Universal days

Above all are the topics we are covering in this magazine to make it the best industrial Magazine in Pakistan.

About the articles presented in the Modelmag:

Recently we posted an article, “Happiness and Life Satisfaction .”In this article, we provide information around the world about how many people are happy and what are their measures of Happiness. This article helps you understand Happiness and life satisfaction. It motivates our youth in many aspects.

As this is an era of social media and all. People love to show their happy experiences to the world but showing only the comfortable and satisfactory side of your life affects the life of someone else in the world who does not have the facilities. So, Happiness and Life Satisfaction lies within yourself. You need to discover it. Everyone has a different measure of Happiness. It is not sure that you will feel the same in the same situation as the other person feels.

The other article is about “why is the earth losing its greenery?” the writer talks about the facts and figures regarding the earth losing its greenery. Through scientific studies, he explains the facts of decreasing greenery on earth. He mentioned industrial agriculture, timber, expansion & infrastructure, mining and climate change as leading causes of decreasing greenery on earth. Through more plantations and controlling pollution, we can make our country green. everyone should play their role in saving the greenery of our beloved homeland

One more article I want to talk about is the entertainment industry. There are many flows in the system of our entertainment industry, whether it is the film industry, television industry or media. These are the folks who are most affected by the corona. Because most of the people working in show biz are on daily wages and due to shutting everything they affected the most. The author discusses the industry and its complicated system in this piece, which should be changed so that our industry can also grow.

Visit the site Modelmag for articles like these, making the magazine the best industrial Magazine in Pakistan.

Vision and Mission of this Magazine:

Our goal is to create a renowned, world-class media organization that values professionalism and honesty. Because online content has a lot of impacts nowadays. People are moving from printed medium to digital medium and then to online medium. We want to provide the best and latest information to the people of the industrial sector, so they better understand different facts about Pakistan. We also give essential solutions to the government bodies to take some action regarding the issue. Modelmag is the best industrial magazine in Pakistan because it not only talks about the problems but also gives solutions to those particular issues.

As a global magazine, the best industrial magazine in Pakistan, our objective is to guarantee that Model Mag, a general interest publication, becomes Pakistan’s cornerstone of investigative and enlightening journalism. We will produce a reliable and essential magazine that will inspire the public, particularly policymakers and decision-makers, to take steps that will improve the political, socioeconomic, industrial, commerce, stock exchange, and society in general. In various businesses, to offer a voice to the silent majority and minority groups, our editorial approach will focus on Trade & Business, Finance & economics, Oil & Gas, Environment, Commerce, IT, Entrepreneurs, Tourism, and Education. To link individuals in business and industry for the advantage of all and to be the world’s most inventive and resourceful medium.