We aim to unearth exclusive stories about real people and the challenges they are facing in their day-to-day activities. We have expertise in reporting business and economy. We do this bearing in mind that government can only act to influence the lives of people positively if they are aware of their true situation. Hence, our objective is to use our investigative skills to ferret out information in the global industry sectors & focus on and produce an unbiased report, feature and articles which will actually influence the government and decision makers to take actions that will make the industrial environment better for all investors.

We are seasoned journalists who believe strongly in the tenets and ethics of the profession. We sincerely believe that journalism as the fourth Estate of the Realm can contribute its quota towards building a fair and just society where fundamental human rights are respected and citizens have the freedom to pursue their interests anywhere in the world without hindrance.

Our editor has an experience of several decades in active journalism practice and is highly dedicated to serving humanity. Hence our motto: For God and Humanity.


“First, choose goals that will motivate you,” Hywel says. “For this, they must be important to you and they must add value to you once you achieve them.”

Achieving goals requires commitment, so the goals must matter to you in the first place. If they create a sense of urgency in you, then you are more likely to stick to the task of achieving them.”

(Hywel Griffiths)


  • We deliver results to the long term
    • We work as one team
    • We have energy & passion
    • Retention
    • Improve efficiency

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Our vision is to build a reputable and world class media institution whose watchword is professionalism and integrity.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission as Global magazine is to ensure that Model Mag, a general interest magazine becomes the cornerstone of investigative & informative journalism in Pakistan.
  • We will publish a credible and influential magazine that will galvanize the public especially the government and decision makers into taking actions that will change the political, socio-economic landscape, industrial, commerce, stock exchange and society in general for the better.
  • Our Editorial policy will focus on Trade & Business, Finance & Economy, Oil and Gas, Environment, Commerce, IT, Entrepreneurs, Tourism and Education give voice to the silent majority and minority groups of different industries.
  • To connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all and be the most imaginative and resourceful media in the world.