Best news magazine in Pakistan:

Modelmag is a recently launched magazine that gives information to the people in business and economists about the problems of our different industry sectors. In this magazine, we explore new issues in our industry and explain them so that everyone can understand the causes of that specific issue. We provide you with the original articles with keen details—the articles supported with prominent research and investigations. We talk about the big news of the industry about exports, EV world records, FBR and many more things which usually an industrialist or any other economist wants to know. This is the best news magazine in Pakistan.

Modelmag is working in many different fields of the industry. It talks about the environment, innovation, tourism, health, real estate, lifestyle, etc. We have experienced journalists who strongly believe in the profession’s ideals and ethics. We convinced that journalism may contribute to the establishment, and individuals can pursue their goals without interference everywhere on the planet. Our editor has several decades of active journalism experience and is passionate about serving humanity. As a result, our slogan is “For God and Humanity.”

About Goals:

Having a goal is good, but choosing the one which motivates you is perfect. Set goals in your life are fundamental. Do not run towards success. Makes yourself so good that success is recognized by you. If you have a goal that motivates you, you will never stop working to achieve that. Motivated Goals always stick to you that itself.

Modelmag is a Magazine that has the big news and research articles. But it is only because of the passion of the editors. Passionate about your Goal make you a successful person. Modelmag has become the best news magazine in Pakistan because of its editors’ hard work and passion. When you read the articles in the magazine, you can understand the work of its editor.

About the Editors of Modelmag:

The chief editor of Modelmag is Meher Kashif Younis, and the editor of this best news magazine in Pakistan is Syed Afraz Ali Nazish.

Meher Kashif Younis:

It gives me great pleasure to present Meher Kashif Younis as Model Mag’s Chief Editor. He is the President of the Model Group of Companies and the Managing Director of the MMY Foundation. He has adapted to income generation, resource allocation, and product development with over 25 years of experience as a Project Director, Group Director, and Managing Director. He possesses exceptional talents, knowledge, and leadership capabilities in various sectors. His work experience has equipped him with a diverse skill set, including Level 5 leadership and strategic planning talents. From 2011 to 2012, he worked as Senior Vice President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also a member of the Green Building Council and the Golden Ring Economic Forum’s board of directors.

He enjoys travelling worldwide in search of information since the global economy has evolved into a knowledge-based economy and learning about shifting consumer behaviour patterns. He conducts ongoing research and development on areas of life such as EQ, IQ, SQ, and PQ by observing people in various settings.

Syed Afraz Ali Nazish:

Since 1986, Syed Afraz Ali Nazish has been recognized for his journalism skills in various publications and periodicals. His contributions to the inception of Model Mag were comparable to those of a founding member. From 1991-to 92, Syed Afraz Ali Nazish received the Asian Youth Award in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for his social, journalistic, and economic contributions. The Asian Youth Council presented a gold medal. Model Mag has hired Kardz Communication to help with production and creative work. Syed Afraz Ali Nazish is the CEO of Kardz and the founder-editor of the modelmag.

About some articles published in Modelmag:

The modelmag did an article on the wood products Global Market Report 2022 in which through different researches they predict that the world market of wood grows up to 7.2% annually by 2026. It is a piece of big news. This article put some light on the fact of figures behind this research report. Does the editor discuss how this will happen? How does the production of wood increase? On what factors do all these things depend?

The other article is about Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022? This article is very informative for people interested in investing in real estate. These articles predict that there will be a boom in real estate. The report helps you in selecting the property where you should invest. It has information about another real estate like Behria orchard, Gawadar, real estate in Karachi, Islamabad, etc.

Modelmag is the best news magazine in Pakistan which has all the latest news and updates on the industry. If you want some exciting facts and figures about Pakistan’s industries, you can look at this magazine.

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