Building a falahi riyasat’, by action, by examples

Model Mag presents detailed features, articles and news stories through the lens of corporate social responsibility. As we bring to the forefront a mixture of information and insights from the corporate social responsibility domain. In this issue, we made a foundation step towards providing corporate social responsibility news reportage under the domain of CSR of Model Steel Group of companies. PM Imran Khan defines a welfare state as one that gives free medical treatment, free education, free justice and unemployment benefits, as of state of Madina. He must be having an understanding that progress is the result of justice. Education and corruption free society. This notion is the basis of any welfare state. Change cannot come to Pakistan without reorienting its states and government affairs. The government has taken the initiative to work on the policy of ease of doing business in Pakistan which is positive sign for entrepreneurial engagements in the days to come.

We at model steel group of companies striving in humble capacity to follow the same principles of welfare in shape of Rabia Welfare Hospital | to deal with health issues of the vicinity we operate in ). Tariq Executive Development Centre ( to impart professional education with excellencel, Model Steel Cricket Academy, to promote sportsmanship spirit in the youth, Model Steel Academia Collaboration Society for joint research and development and in addition to all above we have devoted a full fledged magazine, the quarterly Model Mag to disseminate positivity in shape of research articles, features and success stories of global corporate industry.

We believe that the most important issue for a company looking to adopt CSR policies is truly understood what the philosophy stands for. The concept of “CSR can help businesses navigate their operations to start creating value along their entire spectrum of stakeholders and public.

While this magazine is a champion for CSR, It questions the need to make sustainability a niche study rather than common practice in company culture. This magazine provides clear-cut analysis with commentary about statistics regarding socio-economic and demographic imbalance in human society. The great thing about this magazine is that the articles are based on up-to-date news. This way, readers are able to see the information sharing quality to the best of its use as first hand reliable source Best wishes for Pakistan.

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