How Can We Be Happy in Life?

What is happiness?

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1. Walking:

It is extremely important for a person to have a walking habit. Actually, it is ideal to have a walk as a family activity. This will be an easy way to make your child develop this healthy habit at an early stage of life. Walking not just has health benefits but it also has positive effects on personality development. It has been noted children who were walking as a family activity had more awareness of surroundings, they were more close to nature and have a sense of gratitude and thankfulness.

It is good to do a brisk walk to cut down your calories but at the same time thinker’s walk has its advantages too. A good way to start is by warming up. This way you will meditate too. Quite walking provides us with the opportunity to ponder and meditate. Our brains love pondering, so when we pounder it rewards us with some brilliant ideas.

At least once a week go for a nature walk. Let your self and your children discover the world. Soon after a few days of a nature walk, you will realize this walk will become magical. Things that you never noticed before, you will start noticing them. Some amazing twisted trunk of a tree. Children’s refreshing giggle while

bike riding. A flock of birds surprisingly maintaining the accurate distance between them as if they are doing some display. Young lovebirds, energetic sportsman, or an old man trying hard to maintain his pace. If you have an analytical mind You will see your whole life in front of you. Your past in children, present in adult and future in an old man. Wise is who, who observe and learn.

2. Writing:

I often refer to writing as therapy. Penning down all your feelings whether it be sad or happy, is always an excellent idea. Sad memories when written down take out all your grief, sorrows, guilt, and anger. Thus making your heart somewhat lighter. The fun part is when happy memories are gathered in form of writing they are always a source of sweet memories, motivation, and fun. So the miracle of writing is, whatever you pour in, good or bad. The pour out will only be good. Amazing isn’t it?..

As soon as a child is able to express encourage him/her to draw any event. It can be some match, picnic, journey, or simply a busy day at home. This will help the child to be

expressive. And when the child is ready to write encourage him to be a creative writer.

Never be shy about your writing. Writing is one thing that can be improved very easily. And it can never be too bad. An interesting article is one that describes the nouns and defines the verbs. So adjectives and adverbs are the keywords for interesting writing. Adding on some spice of jokes or emotions can make it even better. Life without writing is like plain cloth. The more prints and. colors it has the more exciting, expressive, socially approved, and in demand, it will be. If you are not a great fan of writing then maybe just write your diary, letter to your friend simply try writing a poem. You will be the author and that feeling is great. It gives you a sense of achievement and that is what makes our life happy.

I love a good leather journal makes me feel Glorious. Click the image below to view this journal.

3. Maintaining your time table:

It is an excellent idea to have your time table. At least your weekdays actives sequence should be the same for all five working days. Weekends actives are little different as it includes fun and preparation for the coming week, for example, laundry,

4. Designate A Place

For Every item:

It is an excellent habit to put things back to their place. This way you never lose items, your home is much organized and clean, Time is not wasted in looking for things and most importantly you are happy and very comfortable. I really get annoyed when I have to look for my car key, nail cutter, reading glasses, etc for no reason, other than not putting the thing at its place. You can encourage this good habit in children by providing them organizers and labeling names on drawers, boxes, and containers for their contents. You will see your child will himself herself develop this awesome habit of putting things in its place.

Everyone wants to be loved, cared, and pampered. It really makes us happy and relaxed. What could be better than respecting and caring for one own self? Yes, I am serious and not joking.

Those people who have respect and care for themselves are much happier than those who neglect their own selves. For example, if you are fifty years of age and you tire your self as a twenty-year-old person, that means you are hurting yourself. Similarly, if a child is five years old and his activity is of thirty-year-old person. This means less physical sports and more computer games that also means not taking proper care. Respecting your age means work according to the requirement of your age. Caring and pampering mean giving yourself some rewards or treat. For example a good vacation, manicure, and pedicure, or some lavish meals.

5. Respecting your age & pampering your self:

grocery cleaning, etc. I have gotten so much use to my daily routine that if due to vacation I end up not following it, I get disturbed soon, and start missing my home.

You will notice all successful people have their time fixed for various actives. Like walking, cooking, golfing or even TV watching, all the times are pre-decided. Remember for children too, always ensure their sequence of activés, a routine ist decided. For example, if your child has this habit of fixing bed before breakfast ensure it should not change and the child should not do it after breakfast. This y you can guard your child’s discipline.

How to be Happy?

6. Having Few good friends:

Friends are big blessings and true fun for all age groups. When we are adults, our childhood friend’s company brings back to us all those early years sweet memories. We exchange our experiences and share our problems. As friends are usually of the same age group they have common interests and hobbies. Friends company not just makes us happy but also provides an opportunity to have some quality time. Parents should be very careful while their kids are choosing friends. “A person is judged by the company

he keeps”. So, remember your child’s personality will be greatly affected by his or her friends. To ensure good social development of your child provide your child with opportunities to have some friends. mingling time too.

7. Counting your blessings:

We must have the habit of thanking God for all the blessings He has provided us. At least name the top ten, fifteen blessings, and thank God individually for each of them. This makes you feel better, lucky, and blessed person.

Now don’t tell me that you don’t notice that many blessings for yourself. God created this world and made human beings the most. blessed and fortunate creatures. He made this beautiful world with trees and plants for shades, fruits, and vegetables. Sun to give us heat and light and the moon to brighten our nights. God made nights so that we can rest and sleep and day to work and enjoy. He made us humans with eyes to see the beauty, nose to smell, ears to see, and so on and on. God gave us friends and family to love and care and enjoy. He gave us health wealth success and happiness. So, dear just bow in front of God and thank Him. And soon you will notice He will bless you even more as thanking always increase the blessings. Always call your children when you pray and teach them to be thankful so that they also realize that there is someone up there for you who is giving you all the blessings and we must thank Him and obey Him.

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