The unavoidable innovation of modern communication technology is a highly widespread issue of the day Many people are on the opinion that it has a diverse effect on human society am in full agreement with this nation, and there are few major points to consider with this argument

The uninterrupted advancement in gadgets and interactive software programs makes people patronize the latest communication regime Thus more populace is now being obsessed of using these types of communication A vast majority of individuals are frequently online to check notifications from various applications that they use for communication, and they spent longer time on their gadgets than socializing in person with their peers, workmates, and families Subsequently, their relationship with the society is being trashed because of their isolation

The various products of hi-tech communication have a momentous blow on peoples career and workmanship because of tragile interpersonal communication skills and meagre samwork in todays modern time the actual interaction with officemates is decreasing because people are busy on their gadgets using various social media to communicate Above them all in some developed countries a tremendous number of companies have drastically forbidden the usage of social media during working hours because they want their employees to be collaborative with their colleagues subsequently promote teamwork Overall the modern technology is convenient I strongly believe that people should control their use of technology and never forget the essential of personal interaction Hence technology is detrimental to their relationship with the society if they get addicted to it.

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