Meher Kashif Younis

(Chief Editor)

It is a great honor to introduce Meher Kashif Younis as the Chief Editor of Model Mag. He is the President of MMY Foundation & Managing Director of Model Group of Companies. He has excellent abilities, exposure & leadership qualities in different fields. With over 25 years of experience as a Project Director, Group Director & Managing Director, he has adapted to revenue generation, resource allocation, and product development. His on-the-job experience has afforded him a well-rounded skill set, including Level 5 leadership and strategic planning abilities.
He has been former Senior Vice President at Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry from 2011 to 2012. He is also a board member of the Green Building Council & Golden Ring Economic Forum.

He loves to travel worldwide to seek knowledge as the global economy has become a knowledge base economy and learn changing consumer behaviors trends. He Continuous R&D on aspects of life EQ – IQ – SQ – PQ through making efforts Observations in different life mediums.

Syed Afraz Ali Nazish


Syed Afraz Ali Nazish has been famous in various newspapers and magazines for his talents in the field of journalism since 1986. His services in launching Model Mag have been like that of a founding member. Syed Afraz Ali Nazish was awarded the Asian Youth in 1991-92 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in recognition of his social, journalistic and economic services. The Asian Youth Council awarded Gold Medal. Kardz Communication services have been procured for Model Mag for production and creative work. Syed Afraz Ali Nazish is founding editor of model mag and CEO of Kardz.