best economy magazine in Pakistan

Best Economy Magazine in Pakistan:

Modelmag is one of the best economy magazines in Pakistan. The reason behind it is the showing the exact image of Pakistan’s economy to the people through the articles. Modelmag is an economy magazine whose major goal is to bring attention to the challenges different sectors face in Pakistan and the solutions to those problems. Marketers, the Industrial Community, Multinational Corporations, and Manufacturers are the groups they hope to address. It is one of Pakistan’s greatest economic journals.

We aim to tell you unique stories about real people and the difficulties they confront daily. We are business and economic reporting professionals. We do so because we believe that if people are informed of their alternatives, the government may have a beneficial impact on their lives. As a result, our goal is to use our powers of observation to uncover new information in global industry sectors, then concentrate on and produce an honest analysis, feature, and articles that will persuade governments and decision-makers to take the appropriate measures to improve the industrial environment for all investors.

Vision and mission of Modelmag:

Best economy Magazine in Pakistan means we deliver every aspect related to the economy to enrich our readers with the latest update. We make it the best because of the vision and mission we had before behind the idea of this magazine.

Vision and mission are the main things behind any project. You have to work hard on that specific vision to accomplish the mission. That is the only way to make your project a big success. Below I will explain the vision and mission of this best economy magazine in Pakistan.

Our vision is to build a world-class media company that values professionalism and honesty. Because today’s internet information has so many ramifications. People are transitioning from print to digital and subsequently to internet media. We wish to deliver the greatest and most up-to-date information to the industrial sector so that they may better comprehend various facts about Pakistan. We also provide necessary solutions for government authorities to take action on the issue. Modelmag is Pakistan’s top economic journal since it discusses problems and offers solutions to such concerns.

As a worldwide publication and the best economy magazine in Pakistan, we aim to ensure that Model Mag, a general-interest newspaper, becomes Pakistan’s cornerstone of investigative and illuminating journalism. We will publish a dependable and vital journal that will motivate the general public, particularly policymakers and decision-makers, to take actions that will enhance the political, socioeconomic, industrial, commerce, stock market, and society. Our editorial approach will focus on Trade & Business, Finance & Economics, Oil & Gas, Environment, Commerce, IT, Entrepreneurs, Tourism, and Education in various companies to provide a voice to the silent majority and minority groups. To connect people in business and industry for the benefit of all and to be the most imaginative and resourceful media on the planet.

What types of articles are published in Modelmag?

As I told you earlier, it is the best economy magazine in Pakistan in which many articles clearly show the image of the economy. Like we talk about the major concerns related to the economy.

Recently we published an article on the Aviation industry. Do we talk about the concerns about whether it will survive after covid or not? In the light of many major research and surveys, our editor explains different facts about the aviation industry. It will help the people who want to make their careers in Aviation.

There is another article about the paper industry and its role in the future. This will inform the public about the paper industry and how it booms. What measure we should take to improve the paper industry in Pakistan. This article will also tell you about the history of paper. So, reading the different economic accounts will also be good for those interested. Many other articles in this Modelmag make it the best economy magazine in Pakistan.

About the chief editor of Modelmag:

The chief editor of Modelmag is Meher Kashif Younis. He is the President of the Model Group of Companies and the Managing Director of the MMY Foundation. He possesses exceptional talents, experience, and leadership capabilities in various sectors. He has adapted to income generation, resource allocation, and product development with over 25 years of experience as a Project Director, Group Director, and Managing Director. His work experience has equipped him with diverse skills, including Level 5 leadership and strategic planning talents. He served as Senior Vice President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2011 to 2012. He is also a member of the Green Building Council and the Golden Ring Economic Forum’s board of directors.

He enjoys traveling worldwide in search of information since the global economy has evolved into a knowledge-based economy and learning about shifting consumer behavior patterns. He conducts ongoing research and development on areas of life such as EQ, IQ, SQ, and PQ by observing people in various settings.