Innovation and technology are crucial drivers of the long term growth of an economy They are essentially important in enhancing value addition, productivity and competitiveness of manufacturing and service industries in the knowledge and global economy Innovation include both improved technology and better methods of doing things it may be manifested in new products or services improved quality new ways of production packaging, marketing or distribution, new markets new supply sources, new organizations or systems and other areas improved technology is a powerful force for innovation and is needed not just in the high-tech segments of the economy but in all economic sectors.

Improvements to technology may be applied to all aspects of the value adding chain including the way in which a product or service is designed produced marketed and delivered We have to increase the capacity of our industry to innovate, as well as to stimulate improvements in technology throughout the economy We have to focus on sustaining and expanding our existing industries and spawning new industries that malice our current and future competitive strengths We have to come forward with strong will and determination to make Pakistan a centre of innovation and technology in all spheres of lite.

Meher Kashif Younis

(Editorial Note)

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